Rachel Gault

Community Development Manager

Rachel has 8 years experience of working within mental health services and delivering therapeutic activities to the community.

“I am responsible for expanding and improving community services in the Thorntree area of Middlesbrough. This involves me working closely with the communtiy to understand local needs, and empowering people to add lasting change to their community”.


Ashleigh Hall

Centre Manager

Ashleigh is experienced in office management and probation support work. She is responsible for managing the building and assisting with community projects.

“I am excited to open our doors to local community groups. Offering rooms at a daily affordable rate, to encourage communities to come together and make a difference.



We are currently looking for the following volunteers to join our team. We respect our volunteers and appreciate their kindness and time. We understand that volunteers make a vital contribution to our aims. We recognise the added value that volunteers bring to our organisation and those who use our services. Volunteer involvement in this organisation does not replace or devalue the role of paid staff.

  1. Handy man/woman

    Required skills, qualities and experience - Basic DIY skills to help around the building, friendly and trustworthy.

  2. Creative art helper

    Required skills, qualities and experience - Interest in creative art and crafts, patient, supportive and trustworthy.